An Advice To Men

An Advice To Men

An Advice To Men: This Is To All Men. Repeatedly remind yourself NEVER to underestimate the power of women. The key word is, “never”.

Everyone of us, including the writer, has got some specs or qualities that attract him to a particular woman once he sees it, unless he is gay or something else.

Being very intelligent, being very holy, in fact bathing three times a day with holy water does not change this fact.

Let me tell you something.

Do you know that when God created Adam, all the times he was in the garden, Adam spoke NO word, the bible never recorded any single word that he spoke until when he saw a woman?

In Genesis 2:7 “God formed man from the dust and breathed on him the breath of life.” One would have thought that the Bible will at least record how man spoke, how excited and surprised he was to have suddenly come to life. But there was none.

In Genesis 2:8, “The Lord God planted a garden in Eden, and there he put man whom he has made.” One would have thought that Adam will be like: “Wow! This place is so beautiful! Oh my gosh! All these for me?” But no word was heard from Adam. None! Not even “Thank you”.

In Genesis 2:9, “Out of the ground the Lord God made to grow every tree that is PLEASANT TO THE SIGHT and good for food.” I purposely highlighted “pleasant to the sight.” You see? One would have thought that Adam will be so mad with excitement. At least, God gave him life in verse 7, he did not talk. He gave him garden in verse 8, he still did not talk. Okay, he has given him food in verse 9, the guy man is still dumb.

In fact, in verse 10 to 14 of the same Genesis 2, the bible went on and on describing how beautiful the garden of Eden is. The beautiful rivers, the gold, the bdellium, the onyx stone. A paradise if you like. Yet, the thing no move Oga Adam(u).

I am sure that at this point God would have been thinking, “This Adam my son is an introvert o. Maybe that is his nature. He is not outspoken.”

Then after a while, God looked at Adam again and thought to himself, “This is no longer introvert matter o. This man is actually lonely. Let me give him something to help him before he enter depression.”

Then in Genesis 2:19, God formed all the animals you could imagine, including birds and brought it to Adam to see what he will call them. It was as if God was just standing somewhere watching this man called Adam as he named the animals and birds. No be small work o.

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After the whole exercise, even puppy no attract Adam’s attention. Even the Indian Peafowl abi na peacock, known as one of the most colourful birds, no attract Adam. None made Adam to talk. Even till this moment, the bible never reported any word he spoke.

God noticed this, and Kai, it was as if God could not bear it again. Then, God spoke to God who then spoke to God so that they could look at the matter together. Then, God came to a conclusion. He decided to put an end to Adam’s misery, his loneliness, his helplessness. And boom, the woman was created and brought to Adam.

Please don’t rush that passage because you may miss the point there.

Immediately the woman was brought, just on her way, this supposedly deaf and dumb Adam, this same Adam that was behaving like he was looking for sniper to buy in Eden to just end everything, he saw the woman with her shape coming forward, he sprang up. . . Story changed.

It was like he screamed!
Finally finally! Aha! At last! Yowa!

Listen to his first words.

“This at last is the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh; this one shall be called Woman. . .” Gen 2:23.

And for the first time in the entire story, Adam spoke. His words were poem. First love poem ever.

His first words ever was not for life breathed onto him, not for the beautiful garden of Eden, not even for the attractive food, but rather because of a WOMAN, Nwanyi.

And without wasting time, he named her immediately. No time to check time. He has to possess his possession.

Because of a woman, a man will travel from Abuja to Maiduguri despite Boko Haram. He might get there only to discover that she is not even willing to see him. You may ask yourself, “what is wrong with men?” But calm down, you won’t understand. Na person wey never see problem dey use good English dey pray.

Sampson with all his garagara. With all his muscles and akpaobi, Who brought him down? Woman. Actually, it was because men wrote the bible, ordinary, the strongest person in the Bible won’t have been Sampson but Delilah.

Solomon with all his brain, with all his money, with all his woke and Savage replies to problems. . . What humbled him? Women.

I have always heard that advice from people when they want to talk about how men should be careful with women. They cite the example of Joseph in the Bible how he fled from Potiphar’s wife.

My brother, in this era, to flee does not often solve the problems o. You have to do more than just ‘flee’.

Imagine if there was internet in Joseph’s time. Before Joseph would have even thought of the word “flee”, Potiphar’s wife would have already posted a story on the net, with a picture of how her clothes were torn by Joseph as he was trying to rape her. To worsen the situation, he ran away.

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Even if you were later found innocent, anytime your name is searched on Google, they will surely see the story of you raping a woman and running away.

This is why I am afraid of the internet especially when you are a public figure. Una see why this celebrity thing you people call me worries me bah? Warri people will say “who naked, no dey shuuk hand for pocket.”

By the way, this post is not for those who intentionally abuse or rape women. Your case can’t be treated by just a post. This post is for those genuinely making effort to do the right thing.

If you are a minister, make every effort not to be alone with a girl especially the one you are beginning to have feelings for. Women will like you when you have attained fame, economic stability (wealth) and power. As a minister, you have the three. Be very careful! Even during counseling, let your office door be open, it will help you in case of blackmail or in case you are tempted, you will be able to control yourself.

Las Las, you will always have more women to minister to than men. They can lift you up, they can equally bring you down.

If you are married or single, the major catalyst to sexual sin is secrecy. If what you are chatting or discussing with that female friend of yours is something you would not want your wife or any other person to hear about, bro. . .at this moment, you are on your own. It is not the devil, it’s you. Because to be secretive is to be perfectly aware of the consequences of your actions. Once your two years old child starts hiding something, he or she is no longer a child.

And for those HIGHLY anointed brothers that will say “I cannot be moved by a woman’s back,” ” I refuse to be tempted by her cleavages”, “I can sleep in the same room with her and nothing will happen”, “the spirit of God is with me.”

Bros listen before you embarrass us,

na over confidence naim make February no complete. Even at that, February is still confused when to be 28 or 29.

Peperipe Peperipepe, No Go Dey Do Pass Yourself. Na Kiss Daniel sing am.


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David Ighotota · October 8, 2019 at 7:30 am

Father, I’m reading this piece the third time. If I had applied it to my life certain things would not have happened. My question is what should I do about that friend who cannot stay with me without what warri people call touch touch ( romanus)? Should I end the friendship?

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