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Do Not Nail Yourself

Do Not Nail Yourself: Do not nail yourself by yourself. Do not let people’s negative definitions of you become you. Nobody can destroy you more than how you can destroy yourself. And nobody can build you more than how you can build yourself.
Take it as a rule never to make any serious decision under the influence of any emotion, be it anger, love, or ecstasy without first allowing your reasoning to process it.
Those words and acts you are about to carry out due to anger may hurt you when that emotion of anger goes down.

That blood oath and promises you are about to make because you have fallen in love with that new friend may hurt you when the love emotions begin to give way to your sense of reasoning.
That vow, commitments, and promises you are about to make to your Pastor because you feel you were in another realm when he was ministering might be difficult to fulfill when you finally come down to your normal realm.

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Any promise you make without first consciously reasoning through its consequences and merits and still accepting to do it despite all odds may end up being an act of nailing yourself by yourself.
Be careful with whom you share your secrets. Not everything in your life is social media-worthy.
How come anything that happens in your relationship and family is first told to social media before God even comes to know about it?
In fact, God has to log into social media and follow you on Instagram to get the latest information about your marriage.

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Remember, while you keep enjoying numerous “likes” from friends due to the stories you give them, you may just be nailing yourself by yourself because you can’t be sure that everyone has the best of intention towards you.
I pray that you will be proud of all the decisions you will make today and always. Amen!

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