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Miss Universe 2019 Crown Resting On A low Cut

Miss Universe 2019 Crown Resting On A low Cut: “I grew up in a world where a woman who looks like me—with my kind of skin and my kind of hair—was never considered to be beautiful, I think it is time that that stops today.”

The above were the words of the newly crowned Miss universe Zozibini Tunzi.

Since Sunday night after she was crowned, I have not stopped thinking about the confidence, the beauty, the eloquence and intelligence of this young South African queen.

It is a different thing if the world after looking at you and using their bias and subjective view of beauty conclude that you are not beautiful, it is another thing entirely for you to look at yourself in the mirror and believe their conclusion.

Why do African ladies spend so much money buying human hair from Brazil or other countries? Simple, because consciously or unconsciously, they have come to believe that the definition of beauty is in wearing foreign hairs.

Even those who carry low cut will still keep two or three wigs of foreign and synthetic hairs. On occasion which they consider to be of high class, they wear them. Why? They want to look beautiful. Then it comes back to my point on the lies they have come to believe that beauty is in wearing other people’s hair. I am saying this with the consciousness that even my own sisters are on this table.

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You go for a program wearing wig with heavy make up, you can’t wait to go home so you can remove the wig and have fresh air into your skull. Who kept you into this cage? How can you chain yourself by yourself because you are following what the world says? Sister, please liberate yourself from this mental cage. If you don’t see yourself as beautiful without the wig, why do you think you are beautiful with the wig?

Why do you think African ladies buy bleaching creams to change their skins? Simple, because they have come to believe that having a fairer skin is the definition of beauty.

There is nobody reading this that does not know one or two women who are bleaching? This is to tell you the extent the chain is holding many. Learn from Zozibini, they will not. Learn from Lupita, they will not. Even when Beyonce sang “Brown Skin Girls”, the association of African bleachers, Twitter/Instagram branch, where excited and showing off their Coke and Fanta skin because someone came out and did a remix of the song with the title “Light Skin Girls.”

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Finally, did you hear the name of the miss universe? ZOZIBINI TUNZI. Does she need to change her name and make it sound foreign or “sexy”? You people should learn!

As I will keep saying, it is to us that the legendary Bob Marley sang “emancipate yourself from mental slavery non but ourselves can free our minds.”


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Chidubem Egwudike · December 25, 2019 at 8:03 pm

I so much love this piece Padre. You really drew a whole lot of meaning from her statement. This I didn’t realise until I read this

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