My Sister's Encounter With A Tithe Pastor

My Sister’s Encounter With A Tithe Pastor

My Sister’s Encounter With A Tithe Pastor: My sister Chika shared a story with me of her encounter with a student pastor in her department in UNIJOS.

Because of electricity, people often come to charge their phones in her room. A phone got missing. She searched everywhere for it, she could not find it. She was depressed. Her friend, the owner of the phone was worried too.

They kept asking everyone about the phone after they have tried calling the number severally to no avail. The student pastor happened to be one of those they asked.

The question the student pastor asked them was, “When last did you pay your tithe?”
They were quiet and could not answer. Then the student pastor continued in these words, “when you rob God of his tithe, do you think there won’t be consequences?” That was all he said, then he left.

Truly my sister and her friend whose phone was stolen couldn’t remember when last they paid their tithes. Besides, they feel they are students who are not earning anything. But my sister’s friend became worried after hearing those words from the student pastor.

Some days after that experience, my sister’s phone got stolen too. This time around she was convinced that some of those that come to her room in the guise of friendship stole it.

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When the student pastor heard of it, it reaffirms his conviction. He told my sister: this is what I told you. None payment of tithe is the cause of all these.

At this point, my sister was already getting angry. He challenged the pastor that it is not true and that he should stop preaching lies. The pastor went on and on, narrating instances from people he had prayed for and how when they started paying their tithes, things became fine.

About a week later, my sister and her friend were in class. The student pastor kept his phone carelessly. My sister’s friend saw it, and they knew it belongs to the pastor. They took the phone. Switched it off and hid it.

Some hours later, the pastor was everywhere searching for his phone. He kept asking people if they had seen it. The mistake he made was to ask my sister and her friend about his missing phone. My sister told the pastor, “maybe you have not been paying your tithe. You can’t rob God without its consequences.”

The pastor could not say anything.

My sister’s friend kept the phone for almost one week. My sister could no longer bear the frustration she kept seeing on the face of the pastor, so she begged her friend to please give the phone back to the pastor. Out of pity, they brought out the phone and gave it back to the pastor hoping he got the message,

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# that it is carelessness and stealing that make phones to go missing.

# that it is a life of desperation and insincerity that will make someone to see another person’s phone and not return it to the owner even if the person was careless.

# That It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with tithe.

But rather. .

# that it has a lot to do with the moral decadence of the society which is often because churches now preach prosperity as a sign of being blessed by God, regardless of how the prosperity came, instead of holiness and contentment even in the little that one possesses.


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Ophikpokpo Augustine · July 2, 2019 at 8:17 am

I love this piece. Keep it up Padre.

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