Not Paying Adeboye’s Tithe Will Take You to Hell

Not Paying Adeboye’s Tithe Will Take You to Hell: The General overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God Pastor E. Adeboye has taken the issue of tithe to another level. Every Christian should be wary of this teaching. It is almost certain that following this teaching, no member of Redeemed church will make heaven because it is not even about you paying tithe anymore, if any member of the congregation is not paying tithe then all members are cursed.

For today, I just want you to read the words of Adeboye and make your honest and objective opinion about it. This particular message on tithe was delivered in the context of an address to all his pastors during their convention. Below are his teachings word by word.

I am going to give everyone of you, pastors, an opportunity to repent tonight and then to go back immediately after this convention and restitute your ways with your congregation.

Make it clear to them, anyone who is not paying his tithe is not going to heaven. Full stop!

Each time you fail to pay your tithe you are telling God: “that which belongs to you, I eat it with mine and you bring a heavy curse on yourself.” That is what Adam and Eve did and God chase them out of the garden. . .

You fail to pay your tithe, you are calling on God to come and fight. You are telling the Almighty God, ‘I am going to eat that which belongs to you, let me see what you can do.’

Malachi said, bring my own to me and see what I can do. Malachi three verses ten.

Tell your neighbor once again: don’t get the rest of us into trouble. Pay your tithes.

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I have told you the story, at least some of you, of a man that God in a vision took to hell, and of the things he saw in hell (he went to hell in a vision) and one of the things he saw in hell was a man (you know hell is a place of darkness, you will never go there in Jesus name) and the man was picking up the people, other people in hell one by one and bringing them close so he could see their faces. And he will look at the face and drop the fellow and pick up another, look at the face and drop the fellow.

So this man asked the man, “What are you doing?” He said.

“I am looking for someone”.

“Who are you looking for?” He said.

“I am looking for my pastor”.

“How could you be looking for your pastor in hell?” He said.

“He is the one who brought me here and the little word of God that I know tells me that if anyone gets another fellow into hell, he himself can’t go to heaven, so my pastor must be here.”

“How did he get you here?” He said.

“He is the one who didn’t teach me about tithing. He knew about it, but didn’t teach me. He knew no robber will be in heaven and he didn’t tell me. He must be here somewhere.”

Let me make it clear to you, I am not going to hell because of any of you. And I hope you won’t go to hell because of any of your congregation. Amen!

Somebody said (one of our pastors said), that a member left the church because he started teaching on tithing and said “daddy what should I do? The wife said the husband left the church because I was talking on tithing, shall I go and beg him to come back?” I said ahhh, (laugh) you should be rejoicing that the fellow who is bringing a curse on your congregation is uprooted by God.

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Every minister that is in the Redeem Christian Church of God who fails to pay his or her tithe from now on shall be uprooted. Say amen loudly!

Malachi three verses eight made it clear, anyone who is robbing God of his tithes and offerings is under a curse. . . A single member of the congregation, who is not paying his or her tithe, puts the entire congregation into trouble. If you understand what I just said, say amen. I cannot hear your amen. . .

One fellow, who would not pay his or her tithe, is a danger to the rest of the congregation. Any pastor who is pastoring a church or any minister who is pastoring a church and is not paying his tithes, brings a curse on the congregation.

Tell your neighbour: don’t bring the rest of us into trouble. Pay your tithe.


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