On The Shoulders Of Each Other

On The Shoulders Of Each Other

On The Shoulders Of Each Other: Football stars, in fact, all the stars of various sports, we made them who they are.

Premier league, LALIGA, Serie A were suspended. This year’s Wimbledon (The most prestigious Tennis competition annually played in the UK) was canceled. The ‘almighty’ Olympic games have also been canceled this year.

Do you know what this means?

Many people have lost millions of dollars because with Coronavirus still not contained, there will be no spectators. If there are no spectators, nobody will buy tickets, nobody will sell tickets.

The organizers of various sports are in big financial crisis. There are discussions on how to slash the salaries of footballers. Even all your darling betting shops have closed.

Here is the point: We need sports for recreation, but the organizers need us and our money as well. We are all interconnected.

“Men of God”, “Daddy GOs”, “prophets” etc, we are who we are because of the people. The rich ministers, super-rich ones, the ones flying jets that have been packed for weeks now due to lockdown, we all became who we are because of the people. The same people we may call poor. When people gather to worship God, the crowd gives the minister a sense of relevance.

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If there is no church, there won’t be collections or offertory; there won’t be seeds or tithes offerings. A certain pastor even made a video teaching his members how to pay tithes alternatively. Another G.O collaborated with the GSM network so that his members will make their offerings and tithes through their phones. The truth is, the church needs you, pastors need you and your contributions. You also need the church.

Someone needs you to drive a car or else they won’t sell cars. They need you to travel out of your country or else their planes won’t fly. And once we all don’t have the need for fuel, fuel becomes nothing. Road transporters and airlines have lost millions because there are no commuters. The bankers need your money. You need the bank. Hotels need you to lodge in. We all need each other to make money. We are all interconnected.

Your boss is a boss because he or she has people that call him or her boss. So, when you pray to be a CEO, what you are also indirectly praying for is to have people under you. And as CEO, you are indirectly resting on the shoulders of your subjects. If everyone is CEOs, your CEO won’t have value.

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We all are standing on the shoulders of each other. Those on top stand on the shoulders of those below. Who you are is as a result of another. Let us quit trying to make ourselves too high and too important. You are not more important than your gateman because you are the boss. Corona Virus has somewhat leveled us. It has made us remember our collective togetherness; we are humans. The virus doesn’t discriminate who to kill. It kills the rich and the poor alike.


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