Purest purity

Purest Purity

Purest Purity: My late father worked as a driver to a rich man who is into estate development.
There was a day his boss misplaced a huge amount of money. My dad was not even with him that day, but it was my dad that later saw the money and returned it to him.
The money was huge, counting into millions. My Dad would have gone with the money or part of the money, and no one would have even suspected him.

But that singular act he did change so many things.
That singular act made his boss trust him more.
It made him have an interest not just in my dad but in his family. That was how he saw my primary five and six results and was so impressed with my performance.

As at that time, I use to join my mum to hawk what was called ice water then and Coca-Cola in Karu market. At some point, I pushed the wheelbarrow as well. I did all that just to pay school fees.
I did not resume JSS1 with my mates because my parent could not afford 3,000 Naira or so for registration.
After then, my dad’s boss took over my fees till I graduated from secondary school.

My Dad died in 2016, a very painful death that breaks my heart any time I remember him.
I personally knew what he went through just to get his children to this level. I am the first child. My siblings, my mum, my dad, and I grew up in one room. We slept and did everything there.
From Dad I learnt contentment, that is why if you are close to me, you will know I am always happy and fine with whatever is before me.
Everything I have and owe today was given to me by someone. I practically have nothing. I am poor and I am not ashamed of that.
After my dad’s burial, about two months after, my superior called me to tell me about my posting to Malawi.
So friends, believe me when I say I understand the poor. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have worked all my life with the poor.

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I know how challenging it could be. I know how tempting things could be. I know how the push to get rich in any way can be. Especially in our present generation where everything is defined based on money.
I used my old Tecno phone and learnt how to improve on the camera, it is not that I hate owning big phones, but I can’t afford it so I make good use of the one I have.
I learnt to type all my posts with my phone no matter how long because at some point I could not afford a laptop. You read me, but unless you are close to me, you won’t know.

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What is the point I am making?

Being upright and with a good name is worth more than anything you can think of. On social media, everybody is looking classic and spotless. Don’t allow people to put unnecessary pressure on you. Walk at your own pace. Just make sure you are walking.
Money is good, but money is not everything in our world. Not everyone will be rich. But everyone can be happy.

I talk about religion and some of the harm our modern preachers are causing because it is affecting all of us. Everything is all about money now.
This is why we have so many churches but we breed so many hypocrites and liars. You will see traders who will sell fake products to you for the price of the original, yet in their shops, you will see images of Jesus and Mary, images of their pastors or priests, and with rosaries on their necks or stickers of Holy Spirit on their wall.

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