The Hero Of The Xenophobic Attack

The Hero Of The Xenophobic Attack

The Hero Of The Xenophobic Attack: In the recent unfortunate xenophobic attack on Nigerians in South Africa, Chief Allen Onyema the owner of Peace airline will be remembered as a hero.

For volunteering to use his plane to freely bring back Nigerians who are willing to come back home. . .

He has done what the president and commander in chief with all the resources at his disposal, could not do. He has done what the man and men we parade as richest not just in Nigeria but in Africa could not do. And more still, he has done what most of us super rich ministers and pastors with all the means at our reach never thought of doing.

Since Buhari came into power, and with all the criticisms on him, and even been called ‘lifeless’ by the president of one of the leading countries in the world, there has not come a very important moment to show Nigerians and the world how wrong they are about him than this recent xenophobic attack in South Africa.

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But as usual, he rather used this great opportunity to reaffirm to everyone that care to listen that in cases like this, provided it has nothing to do with cows and Fulani, he is as lifeless as a deflected or if you like, airless tire.

If you want to know men and women of value and integrity, watch how they react when misfortune befalls their fellow humans. I will give you an example.

If for instance a plane crashes at a particular village, you will see the following categories of people:

There will be those that will be crying and shouting out of true empathy and as such attract the attention of others.

There will be those who will quickly rush to see how to loot and steal anything they consider valuable.

There will be those who will be taking pictures and videos to post online.

There will be those who will sit in their houses and behave like it is not their business, after all, non of their relatives or tribesmen were in the plane.

There will be those who may never say anything, but will go to the scene and begin to look for survivals and people to sincerely help.

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We saw all these type of people in this recent xenophobic attack in South Africa. Evaluate yourself!

Before I forget, there is the last group. . .

Those that will sit behind their keyboards, they will not do anything, but will begin to criticize the intentions of those who went there to sincerely help victims.

They would want everyone to believe that those who helped did what they did as a political strategy or to win favour. They will play down the good deeds of those that helped.

These group are the ogakpatakpata of them all, borrowing the phrase of Mc Edopikin.


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