The Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity: From where Cyril sat, he could not hold back his admiration towards the lady standing some distance before him.

He was attracted to her because she possesses what he called the gift of the trinity even though he was not entirely sure if he should describe it as the ‘unholy trinity’: a bill board face, an Instagram back, and a complete twin pack front.

These three: the face, the back, and the front, hold the key to the stability and dwindling of his reasoning faculty.

According to him, her bill board face can advertise caskets in ways that will make people queue to buy one, even if it means buying to keep.

He knows that her Instagram back can get 2,000 likes after 30 mins of its posting.

He knows that her front twin pack can comfortably feed quadruplets and none will complain of hunger.


What he does not know is how mutual the feeling is. . .

So, to find out, he took the first step towards her and getting to her, using his baritone voice, he uttered some words “Hi! Hello beauty!”

When he said the first ‘Hi’, Samantha sized him up and was immediately captivated with what she saw. The man possesses three things that caught her eyes. She will later describe them as triplets: His big brother voice, his chocolate ice-cream skin, and the fast-furious-vin-diesel facially and bodily packs.

She knows that just with his big brother voice, a single ‘hi’ has done all the toasting she needed.

She knows that her favorite ice-cream look is all she see on his body and would not need any ice-cream because having him is a guaranteed chocolate ice-cream for life.

She knows that why she watches fast and furious is either to catch a glimpse of Dwayne Johnson or Vin Diesel, and here she is standing before a replica, not just a mere replica, but one made of black … What else could she even pray for?

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The connection was swift. They got talking. They got smiling. They kept throwing each other a one-eye look of what seems more like lust than love until Samantha’s room mate Vero appears from no where.

Seeing Vero, Samantha’s heart dropped. She knew the worst is about to happen but just don’t know how.

Earlier today, she had a fight with Vero. She had call Vero all sorts of names ranging from stupid to being a street prostitute. She had accused her of stealing her money and had disgraced her before the only man that was beginning to have a genuine love towards her.

Vero has come to take her pound of flesh, no one knows which part of the body she will cut from.

“I am a thief, but you have the guts to wear my expensive hair on your head without my permission.” Vero fired loudly, not minding the environment. She is ready to fight dirty. Her philosophy is tailored around a song by P-square ‘if you do me I do you, man no go vex’.

With a nano second, Vero dragged the beautiful glittering Brazilian hair out of Samantha’s head. Just at that instance, Samantha’s true face appeared. The contour, the mess, the ugliness. The trinity was automatically reduced to twonity…Cyril looked helpless.

Then the fight began. Ladies fight. Always the same. The same pattern. The same goal. Who could naked the other more, wins.

Within minutes, Samantha’s bra is on the ground. All the foam she stuck into it that made her front so irresistible for Cyril was laid bare. With the way her ‘supposed’ hips were shifting, it is not difficult to notice that she wore a hip enhancement bomb short. Shakarah don finish. Nothing left in the trinity.

And then, just then, four armed police men came to the scene pointing guns at them. This made Samantha and Vero to come back to their respective senses. The two fighters became friends immediately. What words cannot do, guns can do.

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“kneel down and put your hands on your head!” Shouted one of the police men.

Samantha and Vero knelt down pleading. By this time they were already crying. The police men kept coming closer to them. They felt they will be killed. The fear was much.

“Oga we did not do anything, we were just playing.” Uttered Vero.

“Shift from the way, you women. Move away!” Another police man shouted. Then they shifted.

It was then they knew that the police men were not even talking to them at first; they never came for them. They came for Cyril.

They arrested him. He has been into fraud. He has been wanted by the police for long but kept escaping. This time around, the police followed him closely and what they could not achieve in months, the unholy trinity achieved for them in seconds.

Samantha, as though ignorant of all that happened before the arrest, in what sounded like self vindication, whispered thus, “Meahn, appearance is really deceptive o, imagine this fine man I thought is cute.”

Lifting her head as she try to gather her torn clothes to cover the remaining part of her already exposed dignity, Samantha saw an inscription on an entrance of a Cafe which read thus: “we are all wearing masks, we are all masquerade in different shades.”

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Nnabuikem Asogwa · July 25, 2019 at 4:02 pm

A beautiful piece. Applicable in everyday life. Sometimes, we don’t look what we really are.

Blessing · July 25, 2019 at 7:40 pm

Your write up is always intriguing. Well done Onye Oma

King Frank · February 1, 2020 at 9:14 pm

From start to finish, I was glued. I wanted more. I wished this piece never ended. Great write up!

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