The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 14) - Unprotected Sex

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 14) – Unprotected Sex

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 14) – Unprotected Sex: Greetings class…
Thanks for coming to class.
To begin, let’s have a little house keeping.
Yesterday, I saw all your comments. Someone was asking to know the secret of my smiles….

Okay, let me tell you.

The secret of my smile is a secret, please tell every one: I am a product of my parent’s PROTECTED sex. So, from conception inside the womb, there was never any time I felt I was UNWANTED. The smile did not start today.

Before you quote me out of context. . .

When you say one had UNPROTECTED sex, what do you mean?
All those that I was able to ask gave me the same answer, which is: having sex without condom.

I am sure your answer won’t be different as well.

“Why is having sex without condom regarded as unprotected?” I asked.

“Because you will be infected with STIs or become pregnant.”

“Is condom the only way of stopping couples from having STI?” I asked.

“If the couples are faithful to each other, then there will be no fear of STI.”

“That means, with FAITHFULNESS, if the intention is to stop STI, there will be no need for condom.” I stated.

“Yes for sure!”

“In all sincerity, between faithfulness and condom, which will you consider as a better option to stopping STI?” I asked.

“Faithfulness, though people can be unfaithful.”

“That means, once you are using condom because of STI, it is taken for granted that you don’t trust each others ability to be faithful?” I asked again.

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“Something like that, but it is not only STI, we still have pregnancy.”

“We shall come to that”, I responded. Then I continued, “why call it unprotected sex when in actually sense you are having UNPROTECTED TRUST, UNPROTECTED FAITHFULNESS?

Why regard the fact that when you do not use condom it is unprotected, when in fact, if there was trust and mutual faithfulness, there will be no need for condom? What then will you call sex done between faithful couple who sees no need for condom as stopping STI and as such do not use it, is it still unprotected?

Now on having a baby…

“Is it possible that with full knowledge of the working of the woman’s body and with abstinence on days that are fertile for the woman, there won’t be pregnancy?” I asked.

“It’s possible, with Billing’s method, some people use it and it is working for them. But it is not easy. And not many know it.”

So I responded, “she became pregnant because you did not use condom and you call it unprotected sex, why call it so, when in actual sense the pregnancy is a product of your ignorance of woman’s body, inability to abstain when needed and your animalistic drive of having sex anytime, anywhere, any place? Why not call it PROTECTED IGNORANCE, PROTECTED INABILITY TO ABSTAIN, OR PROTECTED ANIMALISTIC DRIVE? (“Protected” because you have refused to open it up so you can learn).

As couples and couples to be, we must learn to unlearn some of the things that have gradually been taught to us. You say it is UNWANTED PREGNANCY OR UNWANTED BABY, when in actual sense, it was your UNWANTED SEX, that brought about it… Why not look at the act instead of the product.

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Why call it unwanted pregnancy when in actually sense it was your PROTECTED IGNORANCE of the way your wife’s body works.

Unprotected sex is sex done without trust, and where both are unfaithful to each other and are ignorant of the way the woman’s body works, that is why they need condom.

Protected sex is sex done with trust and where both are faithful to each other and are not ignorant of the way the woman’s body works…particularly her fertile days…this is why they don’t need condom.

I am proud to announce to you that I am a product of a protected sex. I know my parents very well. I have never been unwanted.

Picture: Harmony, one of Mum Mbakaren children. I am also one.

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 14) – Unprotected Sex

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