The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 2)- First Thing First

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 2)- First Thing First

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 2)- First Thing First: Before we begin this Facebook class properly, join me let us acknowledge those that registered for this class.

Seated over there is Mrs Bato. She just got a new job shortly after her honeymoon. This job is paying well. On the employment letter given to her, it was boldly written: NO PREGNANCY FOR THE FIRST ONE YEAR. C’mon, at this point in her life when every up-thrust at night means the world to her? But she had to accept the job since there is something called contraceptive. With that, her daily-night-moaning-up-thrust with her one and only freshly harvested Cassava called Mr Bato is sure while she still keeps her job’s no pregnancy code of conduct.

Welcome to class Ma!

Standing over there with her crying baby is Mama Nkechi. The name people call her usually change every time there is a new baby. At first, when she got married, she was called Madam Bolt, the name of her husband. When she gave birth to her first child Paulina, her name changed to Mama Pauli. Two years later, she gave birth to Joseph, her name changed to Mama Jesefu. Every two years, she is sure of a new name.

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Nkechi is her 8th child. Yet, Mr Bolt does not want to hang his boot. He is more active at night. Mr Bolt behaves like solar power. During the day he kept absorbing energy of the sunlight, and at night, the current that comes out of him can even power his entire compound. This is why, every shot he takes, results in a ‘Messi-less’ goal. He doesn’t even have time to dribble the attackers around the ‘breasts’ or to observe the referee’s whistle around the ‘lips.’ He just aims at the net. That is how he plays.
Mama Nkechi is tired! She has decided that it is time to get “good goal keepers.” “Where is the way to the ‘contapsesion’ hospital,” she asked. Then, I directed her to class.

Madam, you are welcome to class!

There are many people; I can see you all. Johnny is here too, the one that Yemi Alade was looking for. He came with something on his hand, on which it is written, “Gold Circle”. Whatever that means!

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All those that are not married and are still ‘doing it’, please raise your hand up for identification!
This class is not for you! Go and repent first!

Having cleared the air, we are now set for the class.

Identify yourself if you are in class! Do like this ✋🏻✋🏻

Thanks you so much for all your comments.

To be continued. . .


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