The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 3)

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 3) – Why Contraceptives?

The Use Of Contraceptive (Part 3) – Why Contraceptives?: There is only one thing in the minds of those using contraceptives: to prevent pregnancy. For this, many people are prepared to go any length to achieve it.

If one can opt to undergo a surgical operation and be castrated simply for the reason not to be pregnant or so as not to be able to impregnate his wife, I just want you to know that it is a serious issue we are dealing with.

The irony in this world is that, while the couples living upstairs are doing EVERYTHING it takes to get pregnant, their neighbours living downstairs are doing EVERYTHING it takes not to get pregnant.

Everybody knows that every act of intercourse does not result in pregnancy; a woman is not fertile all the time. I can assure you, even my grandmother knows that the egg to be fertilized in a woman is released once in a month or using the technical term ‘every cycle’ (A cycle is calculated thus: from the first day of one’s menses to the first day of the next menses). A cycle varies, some as low as 19 days others as high as 50 days.

The egg when released does not stay beyond 24 hours. This then means that a woman can only get pregnant just within the 24 hours the egg was released.

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Beautifully also, prior to the egg-release, so many signs are made visible to the woman. In fact, if these signs are followed, there will be little or no need for contraceptives. Yet, though everywoman sees this sign always, but only few men and indeed women know what it means.

This is why statistics shows this result:

No contraception 15%
Spermacides 71%
“Rhythm” method 75%
Diaphram, cervical cap 76%
Male condom 85%
Oral Contraceptive pills 92%
Implant contraceptives 99+%
Intrauterine device (IUD) 99+%
Vasectomy/Tubal ligation 99+%

Following the statistics above, if the intention is to prevent pregnancy, only the foolish person goes for the first on the list, while the wise person goes for the last on the list.


Sometimes, those considered wise because they opted for vasectomy/Tubal ligation often turn out to be the most foolish. Those considered foolish because they decided to learn the fertile days and avoid intercourse on those days, often turn out to be the wisest.

Think about it this way, if a man discovers that anytime his neighbour’s husband travels, his legs would want to push him to her house so as to sleep with her. The man now thought of two options as solution: one, to break his two legs so it won’t lead him to the house or two, to control the two legs.

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Only a foolish man breaks his two legs, the wise man keeps his two legs and controls them. It is easier to break the two legs than to control their movement. Only fools take the easy way. Interestingly, the easier way comes with a huge price that finally makes it more difficult.

What is the aim of this class?

Every form of contraceptives will be discussed, its merit and demerit so you will be better informed if you are ready to pay the price attached. Towards the end, we shall explain in details those signs that tell you that a woman is fertile and any sexual contact will result in pregnancy.

See you tomorrow!
Sorry for the long class today! I will try to make it short next time. Class rep, take note!
I love you all!


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