The Use of Contraceptives (Part 1)

The Use of Contraceptives (Part 1)

The Use of Contraceptives (Part 1): Users will burn in Hell. Most arguments either for or against the use of contraceptives that I have come across are mostly coloured with emotions on one hand, and religious sentiments on the other.

Even as you read this, someone somewhere is passionately advocating for contraceptives; the reason for his passion is that the poverty stricken Mama Nkechi in her ‘face-me-I-face-you’ compound just gave birth to the eighth child. So, he tells his listeners: “please, don’t be like Mama Nkechi, use your head!”

Since I was born and now that I am getting old, I have met so many people whose sole reason for not wanting to use contraceptives is because according to them, their church does not only condemn the use of contraceptives but teaches that offenders will burn in Hell. In this case, their reason is not informed but tied to the fear of hell.

It is important we all set this record straight.

Fr Kelvin does not know who will go to hell. I can tell you this for free: Pope Francis has never claimed to know too. If by divine revelation the Lord who reveals knowledge to mere children, hiding it from the learned and the clever, has decided to show you the list of those going to hell, then the people of God must join you to shout Halleluiah for such great revelation.

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Make sure your name is first on the list before I will take you serious.

Note this: the Church is a mother; she has the responsibility to guild her children aright. The church is a teacher; she has the responsibility to instruct her children on the right path, (just as we are doing on this platform.) On the other hand, the church is never the judge who determines who goes to hell or heaven. That does not mean that the church cannot condemn acts that are wrong.

We have heard enough on why we should use contraceptives because there are so many ‘Mama Nkechis’ in town. We have equally heard enough of why we should not use contraceptives because of the possibility of increasing the number of souls in Hell.

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As you follow me on this series, put aside your ’emotions’, sentiments and prudishness somewhere far, then like prophet Isaiah will say “come let us REASON TOGETHER.”

I can guarantee you this, there are lots of things you are going to learn, and the good news is that it is FREE. All you need do is to tune onto our #EverydayInNovember here on #FacebookTelevision

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