The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 11) - The Beauty Of Our Generation

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 11) – The Beauty Of Our Generation

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 11) – The Beauty Of Our Generation: If you will permit me, please let me introduce you to the beauty of this generation!

In those old days when we were still in the dark, people were unnecessarily too holy. Imagine a situation in which people get married as virgins. To worsen the situation, dating is done without the two parties even kissing.

If that is not the definition of backwardness, I wonder what else is.

But in this generation, we are proud to announce that our virgins are not yet born. Virginity is only in the womb. In this our generation, our girls can easily take in and go to the next chemist store to flush it out. Can you beat that?

In those old days when we were still in the dark, ordinary Condom, our Onkus due to shyness will be calling it ‘shinguild’ or ‘waterproof’. Still, none of them is ever bold to go out and buy it themselves. They look for a small child to go on their behalf.

But our generation is one that is blessed. We should be indeed grateful to this generation. We have made enormous growth. Now, people can boldly sew clothes made with condoms and wear it to parties and shows. Can you beat that?

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The only problem we have in our generation is that people are not only paying tithe to priest/pastor but they still believe that there is a sky daddy somewhere whom they call God; a God that could not even save them from the bullets of an ordinary gunman while they were worshipping in their sky daddy house they call church.

In US alone, we successfully sale more than 450 million condoms every year! Imagine how many we sell in Africa? Who can beat that record?

Yes, condoms do burst and pregnancy can occur. Besides, using Condom is like wearing a hand glove to shake your wife. In sincerity, it feels better without it. It is somewhat supposed to be weird because it is in itself a sign that there is no total emptiness of oneself to the other in love making since there is a barricade, a third party, a barrier.


We know that condoms cause itches to some women due to the chemicals in them. Not only that, it obstruct the sexual flow when fixing it. And it is a sign that we don’t trust each other, either because we suspect each other of carrying a sickness or we feel being used since one partner who claims to love us do not care about fertile days.

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And that is the point, who cares? We know all that! Who told you that we are making love? We are not! Our generation doesn’t make love, we just have sex. We don’t care about the consequences. After all, it is women, not men, that carry all those consequences. If they get pregnant due to condom burst, they know what to do. They are not babies. They are our wives; and that is why we are husbands. The head!

Once again, welcome to the beauty of our generation!


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