The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 13) - Before You Fight Us, This Is Why We Hate Pills

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 13) – Before You Fight Us, This Is Why We Hate Pills

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 13) – Before You Fight Us, This Is Why We Hate Pills: It will do us much good if we keep this fact constantly in our minds, that nothing is free. Even the so called free lift is not free.

You know why?

The way you will feel inside the taxi you paid for with your money, will not be the same way you will feel inside a car of a young man who stopped by to give you a lift.

You know the difference? There is no difference.

Okay sorry, I just lied. . .

You paid the taxi man your money. You were free inside the car to do anything you feel like. You direct the driver on how you want him to drive as you kept chatting on Facebook.

On the other hand, you paid the lift man your comportment and courtesy and freedom. You kept answering questions when you prefer to be silent. Even to check your Facebook so as to read my post, you could not because it will look rude.

So the difference is that, you paid your money to the first, and paid your freedom to the other.

In all, you paid. Is there still a difference?

Some of you have written to me saying: Father, I know where all these your talk on contraceptive will end. You are a priest, you will surely condemn contraceptive. You are just using style to be indirect.

Let me say this, and show this to my Superior or Bishop if you feel like. If you choose to use contraceptives, it does not change my name. If you choose not to use contraceptives, you are not directly doing me any favour.

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If there is anything I will be glad that you see, it will be the fact that, where you are running to (contraceptive) is no better than were you are (natural way). Those using contraceptives and those that are not, all have a price to pay. But most of you do not know which is more expensive. So, I have chosen to help you out.

The first thing that broke my heart here in Malawi is that almost all the women are using one form of contraceptive or the other.

Why was my heart broken?

Simple! There are some NGOs here. They came with the “intention” to help the country they considered as one of the poorest in the world. They promote free contraceptive pills for women.

Did people applaud them?

Yes! In fact, trust my Malawian women, they sang and danced. What was remaining was for them to spread their clothes on the ground for them to drive on. “Finally, no more fear of pregnancy,” they were all chanting.

The questions my Malawian women did not remember to ask were: Is it possible that some of these NGOs are using us to test their drugs? Is their intention really to help? How much did they collect from their sponsor(s)? How come the side effect is never emphasised? Yes, it is free; but is it truly FREE?

Barely six months later, the same women, kept coming to the hospital with one issue or the other, most of them begging that they want to discontinue the pills. I got to know of this because we have some sisters from the congregation of the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM), in charge of some of the hospitals.

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What happened? Join me let’s find out.

Contraceptive pills affect the metabolic functions in a woman’s body. Approximately, fifty metabolic changes occur in the bodies of women who swallow the pill daily. This is why the pills can be Carcinogenic (causes cancer); blood clotting, which can be sometimes fatal; it doubles a woman’s chance of developing gall bladder diseases if used continuously for only two years; it is a causative agent in increased heart and limb defects in a child whose mother unwittingly becomes pregnant and continues taking the drug.

Other “minor” side effects (it is minor as long as you are not the one suffering it) include nausea, weight changes, and ankle swelling. Migraine, epilepsy, and kidney or heart disease symptoms may worsen. Your hair may stop growing, fall out, or grow more abundantly and luxuriously. 1 in 5000 women who have ever taken the pill will die every year from circulatory disease.

The point is, the pill does affect you. Pill taking to prevent pregnancy is riskier than pregnancy.

You can now go ahead and make your choice.

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 13) – Before You Fight Us, This Is Why We Hate Pills


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