The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 13) - Postinor 2

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 12) – Postinor 2

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 12) – Postinor 2: I am writing this with all my heart to all the men that have womb.

Someone once told me that the difference between the group of people we call ‘women’ and the group of people we call ‘men’ is that one group has womb, the other does not. The group that has womb, we call womb-men. Then to make it shorter, we simply say ‘wo-men’.

To those wo-men it may concern,

You spend every weekend with him. You do everything that married people do even though you still call him boyfriend. You have accepted the trending definition which states that, the very fact that he answers that name ‘boyfriend’ means an automatic access to your entire network.

Deep within you, you know that it is not right. But you tell yourself ‘everybody is doing it na.’ So, you try to kill the guilt. And thankfully, it died.

But, you cannot take chances. You still have careers ahead of you. You are not even sure of the boy. Plus, you fear that your parent will be mad at you.


You ensure that after every sex, your postinor 2 is close by. Then, sometimes your boyfriend buys them and keeps. After every sex, he pushes you to take the pills as he serves you a glass of water. Then in your heart you are like: “what a caring boyfriend!”

Let get it straight. Is he caring because you are fornicating with him or because since you are the womb-man, you alone kept taking the contraceptive pills, or both?

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You and your boyfriend are strong fans of Postinor 2 because the producers told you that it can prevent pregnancy. No doubt, they are right.

This is good news for you. So you give thanks to God because no pregnancy that fashion against your fornication will ever prosper since your postinor 2 is always by your side, you shall not worry even if you spend every weekend in his house, or he is on top of you all night.

But, you forget that there is always a BUT.

How does postinor 2 works?

It contains Levonorgestrel which primarily delays your ovulation or prevents it (remember, ovulation is the release of an egg from the ovary).

It is called emergency contraceptive because it is not taken every day like other contraceptives Pills. It is effective once taking within 72 hours after sex.

It is not abortificient. So, what it means is that once pregnancy has taken place, it won’t work. And once the egg has been released prior to your taking it, it won’t work too.

It stops or delays ovulation by altering the metabolic function of your body. In lay terms, it is like confusing the body already established functioning system. It messes up with your cycle.

Maybe you are supposed to ovulate in five days time, because you took the pill today, the ovulation day is altered to an unknown date. While the body is still trying to adjust to that, in a week time, you take another one. This is why some ladies bleed for days. Note: This bleeding is not always your normal menses.

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There are ladies in their late 20s who started taking this drug constantly since when they were 15. At a time, your monthly period will cease indefinitely or become irregular. Even when you stop taking the drug, you have affected the natural working process of your body. The chance of becoming pregnant with an irregular or non-flowing period is almost zero.

By then, you may remember your priests/pastors while the so called caring man you were busy having fun with will be somewhere watching Chelsea and Arsenal with a bottle of Gulder and with one virgin-girl he brought from the village by his side, after he had paid her bride price.

Did I mention that excessive intake of postinor 2 can lead to massive increase in weight, and deposit of fat around your tummy for some women?

Ohhpps! I just did.

To be continue. . .


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