The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 17) - Vasectomy Female Sterilization

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 16) – Vasectomy/Female Sterilization

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 16) – Vasectomy/Female Sterilization: Greetings dearest friends! Just a little house keeping. . .

We just had our first rain here in Malawi. It is the beginning of the raining season that normally last for about four months. It is good news for us here. The harsh hot season is over, and more importantly, it is time to farm. I am the chief farmer. A pastor must ensure that his flocks are well fed and healthy physically and especially spiritually.

Etymologically, the meaning of the latin noun “pastor” is shepherd: one who leads to pasture, sets to graze, causes to eat. Technically speaking, all herdsmen are pastors.

That is just by the way. Welcome to class!

Yesterday, I read all your comments on Vasectomy and Female Sterilization. I am glad that some of you took time to research on it. The research you do by yourself often remains with you.

Let me tell you what I think about that topic yesterday. There are ways the creator of the universe structured everything which is so beautiful.

In a year of 365 days, a woman ovulates 13 times or at most 14 times. That means, she is only able to conceive 14 days scattered around the 365 days that make up a year.

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Now, during the fertile days, the secretion in the vagina can help sperms to survive for at most 5 days. So, give or take if we are to make a wide estimate, in every cycle of a woman, she is potentially able to be pregnant at most 7 days.

To make it more interesting, this approximated 7 days or the fertile days do not come without a sign in the vagina which is often some days after one’s menses.

The first sign is sticky tacky mucus that is like white paste or like pap. Followed by thin watery mucus that is like creamy hand lotion. Then you have the slippery lubricative mucus which is like the white of uncooked egg or the catarrh mucus of the nose. The last day of this slippery lubricative mucus is regarded as the Peak, (ovulation happens on the peak, or a day after the peak, for some women).

We know that things vary for some women, but if they could only study themselves, they will see the beauty of their own uniqueness. The knowledge of which will make you have no need for any contraceptives.

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Then, some years into the woman’s life, comes what is known as menopause. This period, nature assumes that one have given birth to all the children they want to. What then is the push for sterilization among couples?

If people could calm down and study their body; if spouse getting ready to marry, could spend time to study each other very well instead of engaging in pre-marital sex which is sinful; if only we could see what knowledge God has put into our world to make things easier, I doubt if we will be spending the whole month talking about contraceptives.


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