The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 5) - A General Overview Of contraceptives

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 5) – A General Overview Of contraceptives

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 5) – A General Overview Of contraceptives: In contraceptives, there are those called PREVENTIVES because they ensure that sperm and Ovum don’t meet. Examples are: The Pill, Male Condom, Female Condom, Tubal Ligation, vasectomy.

There are those called INTERCEPTIVE because they ensure that sperm and egg won’t meet inside the woman. Examples are: Morning after Pill (E.C.), Postinor/Plan B – Step 1, Implanon, IUD/Mirena.

There are those called CONTRAGESTATIVE because they ensure that the fertilised egg will not gestate i.e. Will not make the 7-9 day trip to the uterine lining where it implants. Examples are: RU-48, Misoprostol. This is largely abortificient.

Okay! Let us leave it like this for today. This might be the shortest class.

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But, I have an assignment/class work. Class rep, please take note. Make sure you encourage those who are supposed to do this class work to feel free to do it.

This is the question: If you have ever used contraceptives, what is/are your experience(s) like? Or you have the privilege of working with people using contraceptive, what is usually their honest complaints? Or someone shared with you his or her experience of using contraceptive, what is the story like?

We are aware that contraceptives prevent pregnancy, that is taking for granted, but the question we are looking at is, at what cost?

We just want to have a complete story and not just the one side story that it prevent pregnancy, and we hope you will be of help.

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Thank you! God bless you!

Usually, no class on Sunday.


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