The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 5) - A General Overview Of contraceptives

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 8) – Men Should Pay Attention To This

The Use Of Contraceptives (Part 8) – Men Should Pay Attention To This: Good morning dearest friends!

Today’s class is not going to be long.


We have gotten to the point in which we necessarily need to invite experts.

The next two classes will not be coming from me. I just feel I should mention it. I will introduce you to our experienced doctors who have worked for years with couples seeking to understand fertile days, identifying fertile mucus, etc. I must add that these are known names when it comes to Natural Family Planning. I don’t think you will like to miss it.

Meanwhile, the two classes are going to be long especially for those who do not have interest in gaining the knowledge that will be taught. So, get yourself prepared.

End of announcement!

This class is about the use of contraceptives, but I have taken it upon myself to let you see how your body works when it comes to conceiving. On one hand, it will help those who want to avoid pregnancy to know when, on the other hand, it will help those who want to be pregnant to know when to and how to.

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Yesterday, we talked about the fertile days

Why did we go that far when we are supposed to be talking about contraceptives?

Simple! It is because of the philosophy that I adopted, which is: Do not remove when you cannot replace.

It is easier to tell people why they should not use contraceptives based on many reasons, but do we open up for them in a very clear and explanatory manner another way that is much better?

Back to the business of the day!

In the previous class I told you that the secretion in the vagina does not even allow the sperm to survive. But there is a particular period, the period call the fertile days that things become different. Any genital contact can result into pregnancy. In fact if the penis rests on the thigh outside the vagina, even if there is no entrance into the vagina (penetration), and no release of fluid (ejaculation) a woman can get pregnant.

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The reason is that before the ejaculation, a tiny amount of fluid is oozing from the penis. Pregnancy needs only one drop of fluid and requires no pushing. When the mucus meets the sperm at the edge of the vagina it leads it up to the egg like a ladder. The result is pregnancy. Many men have disowned their child thinking this was impossible.

Everything is tied towards understating the fertile days. I hope our experts will explain all that beginning from tomorrow’s class.

Stay tuned!


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