This Is Why We Give Offerings And Tithes

This Is Why We Give Offerings And Tithes

This Is Why We Give Offerings And Tithes: It is important we get this straight and clear, We don’t pay tithe or offerings so that God will compensate us with good health or cure our sicknesses.

We don’t pay tithe or offerings so that we can secure a job or so that more customers can patronize us in our businesses.

You have not been able to build your own house or buy a car not because you don’t pay tithe. Your property or phone got stolen not because you have not being paying tithes.

It is not because you don’t pay tithe that is why you are still single, nor the reason why you are suffering or going through hardship is because you don’t pay tithe.

We don’t bribe God with tithe so that we get good health, or jobs, or get married.

Those who collect your money under the guise that by paying them you will get healed, job, marriage, cars, houses etc in return are lairs, they are simply selling indulgence (selling blessings).

This is a sin!

One of the major reasons that made Martin Luther (who was a priest of the Catholic Church) to break up from the Catholic church during the Reformation was this same sin of selling indulgence. He accused the authorities of the church of selling God’s blessings.

And he was not totally wrong, because as of then, some blessings were tied to how much you were able to bring.

This was long time ago in 1517. That part of our history had long been corrected, and today, some persons are still taking us backward.

This is why we pay tithe or offerings. . .

We pay tithe because we love the work of God and we want the gospel message to be preached. Again, it is our own way of thanking God and supporting our ministers to be able to feed as well as a way of helping the needy in our midst. And we are doing it selflessly without any reward or coercion, or without expecting anything in return.

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For we know that God’s blessings are not bought. God blesses whomever he wants to bless regardless, just as he allowed the rain to fall and water the farmland of both the good and bad people.

Let me say this. Please, resist the temptation of coming here to tell me “Fr, that it does not WORK for Mr A Or Mrs B, it doesn’t mean it won’t WORK for someone else.”

That sound more like what a typical Africa traditional worshiper will say.

So as a Christian, you are paying tithe so that it will work for you and your money will become doubled?You have turned God to MMM scammer right? So it is a give and take thing right??? You pay tithe under pressure so you don’t go to hell fire right??? Yet you look at your neighbor starving and you feel you will still go to heaven, right?

If there is anything you should fight for as a Christian, it should be holiness of life and your relationship with God. Once you find that happiness in God’s presence, you will give without measuring whether it is 10% or not, and it will be coming from a cheerful heart and you will be doing it without expecting anything in return. And even on days you don’t have anything to give, you won’t be thinking that God will command thunder to kill you. You will know that God does not act that way.

Don’t let anyone put fear of hell and misfortunes on you. Be careful in this age and time, so many people holding the bible to preach to you are thieves and scammers.

So because your pastor preached that anyone who has not paid his tithe of last month is actually robbing God and may even die before this particular month ends, you quickly dashed to the stationary shop close to your house to buy a brown envelop. You sat on your bed with your calculator, ‘plus-ing’, ‘minus-ing’ and ‘times-ing’ your tithe percentage that you will give to your pastor to give to God on your behalf.
The next Sunday, you are the one leading the queue of those running to the Altar to pay their tithe. The pastor prayed his throat out in blessing you all, as if to say the blessings are determined by the amount of energy he exerts shouting out the blessings.
You came back home feeling fulfilled knowing that God will not only bless you this month, but you won’t die for almost attempting to rob God of ‘his money’.
You sat down, and one of your girlfriends that came since Friday to spend the weekend with you served you your Sunday rice. You are eating with smiles because you are eating to get energy.  You are already planning how this night with her is going to be. You are sure it will be better than that of last two nights since it will be the last before she leaves your apartment first thing Monday morning until when next you call her to come over again.
Let me tell you the truth, you can hate me afterwards. Anyone that calls you a fool is actually giving you a compliment because even a fool cannot be foolish enough to give God a bribe and be thinking it is tithe.
You are our Modern day Pharisee! Hypocrite! If paying tithe out of fear of death makes you more at peace with God than living a righteous and holy life, then permit me to do this: Mtchwwwwwwwwwww!!!


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