Vanity Challenge (Part 3)

Vanity Challenge (Part 3)

Vanity Challenge (Part 3): Just last month, the comedian AY, hosted his usual AY Live show in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

In the same show, to listen to the same jokes, to watch the same performances, some paid 1million for platinum table, some paid 600k for Gold table. VIPs paid 10k, while regular people paid 5k.

Interestingly, when AY hosted the same event in April this year at Eko Hotel Lagos, the Platinum table was 5 million Naira, while the Gold Table was 2 million Naira and the regular people paid 7k.

Why the difference? Because of the CLASS in Lagos.

What is it in platinum that made it cost 5 million? Is it the food? What???

Question like the one above is the reason some persons after reading my previous post on flying first class, felt it is poverty mentality that is disturbing me.

Let me say this, I think if I have so much money, I will not think of buying a regular ticket. I won’t even look at the cost for any ticket below platinum. And it does not even matter how much the Platinum is sold.

You know why?

Apart from the fact that at a certain level of wealth, price doesn’t make much difference, it is also the fact that the rich will want to hang around with the rich.

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It is how society sees it. Society defines and treats people based on the class they perceived they are and based on what they have.

So, even as those who bought a regular ticket of 7k are listening to the jokes from AY and performance from Teni, they are throwing glances on how those with Gold tickets are treated. How they are served. How they laugh with difference. The way money is smelling around them. They begin to intensify in their prayers, “God please bless my hustle!”

Finally at the next show, they are able to buy the Gold ticket. They are happy. But as they glance again from their gold table to the Platinum tables, they feel they are not there yet. And the urge continues.

So whatever it takes, they do. By hook or by crook. It is a challenge, but a #VanityChallenge. They want to give testimony in church about how God blessed them, but actually in real sense, it is about how they have attained a new class.

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It was not like in the former days in which people are defined by their virtue and having riches does not place you above an elder or one who is truthful. People work hard to be good and not to be super rich.

This is why in our generation, crime will never leave us. Politicians will continue to steal. Because ours is a generation of class, centered on wealth. And we don’t care how you got it. It is Platinum class verses regular class. Those in platinum will want to remain there and even go higher, those in regular class are fighting their way to break through to join the Platinum class.


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